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Virus ECO40 Women's Stay Cool Zepu Compression Pants (Black)

Virus ECO40 Women's Stay Cool Zepu Compression Pants (Black)


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  • Brand:
  • Virus
  • Color:
  • Black
  • Gender:
  • Women's
  • childquantity:
  • ,1,0,1,0,0,0
  • childprices:
  • ,72.00,72.00,72.00,72.00,72.00,72.00
  • Type:
  • Spats
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    The Women's ZEPU Compression Pant has been designed for heavy athletic use - combining style and function. Three lightweight mesh panels on each side add a smooth cooling feature on each side. Sleek pleated side panels with a pocket opening at the top makes easy access and use. The ZEPU pants were designed to withstand high-impact athletic training while regulating the body's surface temperature. The pant features was a comfortable and sleek 3" waistband and internal drawstring for a comfortable and secure fit. The heavy-duty construction and nano-technology is designed to enhance athletic performance, endurance, and speed the recovery.


  • CoolJade Fabric
  • 3 Inch Waistband
  • 26.5 Inch Inseam
  • 32.5 Inch Outseam
  • 2 Side Pockets
  • Mesh Side Panels
  • Internal Drawstring
  • Quick Dry Wicks Away Moisture and Sweat

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