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Venum Santa Muerte 2.0 Compression Spats (Black)

Venum Santa Muerte 2.0 Compression Spats (Black)

$42.25 $65.00

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  • Brand:
  • Venum
  • Color:
  • Black
  • Gender:
  • Men's
  • childquantity:
  • ,0,0,0,1,2
  • childprices:
  • ,64.99,64.99,64.99,64.99,64.99
  • OnSale:
  • Retail $65.00
  • Type:
  • Compression Pants
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    For a light, comfortable and protective apparel to fit your BJJ training and competition as well as No-Gi Grappling, the Venum Santa Muerte Spats is the right piece for you.

    Ideal for achieving all your athletic goals, the compression Venum Santa Muerte Spats will allow you to enhance your performance without missing out on comfort.

    Equipped with our Venum Compression Technology, the Venum Santa Muerte Spats will keep your muscles compressed throughout your most intense movements. You be sure to benefit from body heat insulation, extended performance and improved muscle recovery.

    With its 4-way stretch fabric, the compression feature offers flexibility and mobility. Like a second skin, it will protect you from chafing, irritation and other microbes. Whether you are standing or executing groundwork, the Venum Santa Muerte Spats, is able to withstand the motions.

    The outstanding Mexican Culture design of the Santa Muerte radiates boldness and strength. Let the fight begin!

  • Compression Technology: keeps your body dry and muscles warm.
  • Smooth fabric and flat seams: extreme comfort during your workout.
  • Antibacterial treatment: allows you to wear your compression pants all day.
  • High quality seams: extended durability.

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